AI + Workplace Safety

The Challenge

Provide real-world scenarios that explain computer vision, robotics, and how AI ties it all together for improved workplace safety and efficiency 

Microsoft’s Ambient Computing and Robotics team has been working hard to develop a system that can improve safety and efficiency via connected cameras and other devices.  Not only should the system be able to recognize people and objects, but the system should start to learn about the environment, becoming aware of context and policies.

Working with the researchers and engineering team to develop an admin interface as well as some on-screen graphics was the first challenge.  We explored and designed across several device types and modalities, including chat bots, web desktop, and video.

Once the proof of concept was up and running, explaining how the system worked, and the powerful connections it could make to provide actionable tasks was the next challenge.

The Solution

Straightforward user interactions and compelling stories

I lead a team of designers to create the interface and related visuals needed to help developers and others understand and interact with the system.  Conversational interfaces were relied upon heavily to interact with the system.  We also created an admin interface to demonstrate how the system was able to learn and be updated.

I also worked with the VP and partners to develop a set of storylines that explained how the system could work in the real world, as well as explain some of the technical aspects of the demo.  A set of concept videos were created, working with motion and 3D animators, the videos were used to help further the project and get stakeholders on board.

As the concept matured, we once again refined the story and brought in additional help to deliver a public-facing presentation.  The culmination of all this work was showcased at Microsoft Build 2017, featuring a video and live demo of workplace safety.

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